About Antica

Meet Mary

Mary Arrañaga Landis, owner and forager of Antica, is no stranger to good food. This native Southern Californian grew up in a produce family. Naturally, she is passionate about finding quality ingredients and bringing unique products to share with everyone she knows. 

Mary's father started a produce company in Los Angeles which eventually evolved into a food service company. He also became an almond farmer in Paso Robles later on. With all the produce and food products around, Mary was that girl who brought a fresh fig in her lunch bag which created much consternation amongst her classmates.  Sometimes just to mix things up, she's bring a mango!

Mary wore many hats in her past careers--from running a catering company to working in the fashion industry, but she couldn't stay away from her family food business. During that time, Mary learned everything you need to know about running a business. 

When the famly decided to change direction with their investments, Mary found herself in a brand new job as a forager and grower relations manager for a specialty produce company. For the next 10 years, she traveled extensively in the United States and internationally, visiting farms and growers big and small, looking for the next big thing in fruits and vegetables to bring to your local supermarkets. 

Living her life out of the suitcase did grow tiresome, so in 2018, Mary took over Antica from her dear friend.

When she's not out foraging for the best olive oil, balsamic vinegars, and gourmet gifts to bring to Antica, you can find Mary minding the store and chatting up her loyal customers and  new clients about the latest, greatest of these products.